Social Boycott of Meccan with Banu Hashim

As the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) openly declared of Prophethood, the chiefs of Quraysh could not digest such huge blessing on Banu Hashim. Because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) belonged to the Banu Hashim clan. So, that’s why they got infuriated and increased the pressure to the followers of Muhammad (SAW).

On several occasions, they also sent delegations to His caring Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib to check his nephew from preaching of Oneness of God. Nothing achieved in their mission by trying all the ways to stop Muhammad (SAW), eventually they held a meeting of different tribes. The conclusion of the meeting was that there is a dire need for a social boycott of Banu Hashim tribe until they do not withdraw regarding new faith.

So, being a powerful tribe the Quraysh boycotted Banu Hashim and also forced other Meccan people about the social boycott of Banu Hashim. After signing the opponents of Banu Hashim on the document, so the parchment was hung in the Kaaba. This started in 1st Mahram which continued almost next three years. Banu Hashim tribe was compelled to eat the leaves to eliminate the starvation. The condition of children was so pitiable.

At last some kind-hearted people tore parchment into pieces and boycott of Banu Hashim met to end. Today the signs of boycotted are still found in the Valley of Shoib Abi Talib in Mecca. If you want to see such Valley, so you have to go to Mecca through cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will take you very near to realize the miserable condition of a great clan.

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