The huge Flood in the world and Allah’s Promise



Indeed the huge Flood occurred as the destruction of ignorant people by the Divine. In fact, a long time ago after the Adam, the people became the followers of Satan and indulged into idolatry. So, Allah (SWT) sent the Prophet Noah (AS) to rescue them from the fire of Hell. Prophet Noah preached his people but they had become so much victim of Satan’s attack that they totally ignored even his son and wife too. Prophet Noah (AS) gave the message of Monotheism (Oneness of God or Tauheed) to his people 950 years but he got just little amount of followers.


And in the disappointing state Noah (AS) said,

“O, my Lord! Don’t save any ignorant on the ground because they will misinform your slaves and they will cause the worst ignorant.

Thus, Allah (SWT) ordered Noah (AS),


“Construct the boat under my focus with encouragement and address Me not on the behalf of those ignorant who indulged into wrongdoings; surely, they are very near to drowning.


Yet, Prophet Noah prepared the boat which is commonly known as Ark of Noah outside of the city. And after the preparation of Ark then God ordered Noah,


“Load the Ark with a couple of each animal and embark your followers and don’t allow those who were disbelievers.


Thus, when Noah and his followers embarked meanwhile God ordered the water to gush from every crack in the earth and heavy rain fell from the sky. Gradually, water rose up even invaded the whole earth.




In this way, the Promise of Allah (SWT) be fulfilled and the believers save from the huge flood. So, Allah (SWT) is very kind on the man but very harsh on them who associate Him with something other. Thus, we should pray every time whenever we feel the Satan’s attack. And the best place for salvation is his own House (Kaaba).


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