The huge Flood in the world and Allah’s Promise



Indeed the huge Flood occurred as the destruction of ignorant people by the Divine. In fact, a long time ago after the Adam, the people became the followers of Satan and indulged into idolatry. So, Allah (SWT) sent the Prophet Noah (AS) to rescue them from the fire of Hell. Prophet Noah preached his people but they had become so much victim of Satan’s attack that they totally ignored even his son and wife too. Prophet Noah (AS) gave the message of Monotheism (Oneness of God or Tauheed) to his people 950 years but he got just little amount of followers.


And in the disappointing state Noah (AS) said,

“O, my Lord! Don’t save any ignorant on the ground because they will misinform your slaves and they will cause the worst ignorant.

Thus, Allah (SWT) ordered Noah (AS),


“Construct the boat under my focus with encouragement and address Me not on the behalf of those ignorant who indulged into wrongdoings; surely, they are very near to drowning.


Yet, Prophet Noah prepared the boat which is commonly known as Ark of Noah outside of the city. And after the preparation of Ark then God ordered Noah,


“Load the Ark with a couple of each animal and embark your followers and don’t allow those who were disbelievers.


Thus, when Noah and his followers embarked meanwhile God ordered the water to gush from every crack in the earth and heavy rain fell from the sky. Gradually, water rose up even invaded the whole earth.




In this way, the Promise of Allah (SWT) be fulfilled and the believers save from the huge flood. So, Allah (SWT) is very kind on the man but very harsh on them who associate Him with something other. Thus, we should pray every time whenever we feel the Satan’s attack. And the best place for salvation is his own House (Kaaba).


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The people who come from European states choose the winter spell to perform the Umrah. Moreover, if you want to visit the Islamic destinations to get to know the history of Islam then December would be the finest Umrah experience as well.

One Father of all Human being (In the light of Quran and Science)


There are several myths in the study of man’s creation such as some scientists claimed that man is the evolution of monkeys and some presented other judgments. But, 1400 years ago Al-Quran has well explained about the creation of man and its evolution.


“O Menfolk! Obey your Lord, Indeed your Lord created all of you from a single man (Adam), He also created Eve from him (Adam) then created numbers of men and women from both of them.


Therefore, according to Al-Quran all the human being were formed by only one object. As for as the matter of Eve creation, in facts, she was also created from the rib of Adam by Divine’s order. Thus, the flow of life cycle began to go ahead.


On the other hand, science also has proved that all the Human being is formed by one person. In this regard, scientists collected the specimen of man’s chromosomes not only from one place but from all the continents of the whole world such as Asia, America, North America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Consequently, they got one inherited chromosome of all kinds of man. Thus, they stamped that all mankind belonged to only one man (Adam).


Therefore, science comes after the Holy Quran and we should find any solution to the problem from the Holy Book of Quran. If, we are not able to find the explanation of some matters then move towards Sahih Hadith which are the most authentic and depict all matters such as additional prayers or Umrah etc.


Thus, if you want to perform Umrah through any Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then you must take the help from Sahih Hadith. Because about Umrah Hadiths clearly explain that Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. Also, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, Umrah should be performed by them who are capable in all aspects.


Yet, many pilgrims make their arrangements in the Holy month of Ramadan because of getting the hajj’s equal reward. As in Hadith, it is said that performing Umrah in the sanctified month of Ramadan adds a lot of rewards. If you want to get an abundant reward of virtues then Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 will increase your reward even equal to Hajj.


As Ramadan will be circled in a severe hot season which might create some of the complications to make the Tawaf around the Kaaba as well as Safa and Marwa hills. Moreover, in the state of Fasting pilgrims who have weak bodies could not bear the hotness. In this way, the best option is 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 which will be proved the finest Umrah experience as well.


Because in this month the climate is friendly and pilgrims particularly those who come from cool countries can easily perform Umrah. Additionally, having numbers of winter leaves the pilgrims can also visit the Islamic destinations to get to know the history of Islam.

Nevertheless, being the descendants of one man (Adam) we should behave each other like a real brother as we are genetic associates. 

Al-Nasa’i (The Canonical Collection of Hadith)

Al-Nasa’i is one of the six canonical Hadith collections recognized by the Sunny Muslim. Abdul Rahman Ibn Shoib collected the wordings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the age of 15 years. He was born in 215 AH in the city of Nasa (Turkmenistan). He made his first journey to Qutaibah and later on explored the whole Arabian Peninsula regarding the collections of narrations.

After collecting the plenteous wordings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he settled down in Egypt. There he started to teach the Islamic facts which are not mentioned in the holy Quran with authentic references. He also wrote 15 others books which are related with the science of Hadith. There were several pupils whom some are most prominent such as Imam Abu Abul Qasim Tabrani, Allama Ibn Sunni and Shaikh Ali who further expanded the hadiths in different versions.

Some of his other books:

  • Sunan A-Kubra
  • Sunan Al-Sughra
  • Amul Yawmi Wallaylah
  • Khasais of Amir Al Momenin
  • Al-Jurhu wa Ta’adeel
  • Qasayis e Murtazavi

However, Muslims get abundant of information which they cannot find in the Holy Quran such as additional prayers and Umrah etc. Thus, if you have planned through cheap Umrah Package 2019 to visit the Kaaba regarding the execution of Umrah then Hadiths give you the right direction as well.

According to hadith about the Umrah, the Prophet of God said, Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins. The Prophet of Allah (SWT) also said about the Umrah that, the person who is capable in all aspect he/she must proceed with the Umrah. So, if you are not able to fulfill the major pilgrimage (Hajj) then there is an authentic hadith which increase your virtues even equal to Hajj’s reward.

 Thus, Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 will make your intrinsic values equal to Hajj’s reward. Because the Prophet of God said, proceeding Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward.

Yet, there are also several Hadiths which guide pilgrims how Umrah should be performed.  For example, if unfortunately you are not physically fit in the holy month of Ramadan then you should focus on December Umrah Package 2019 to secure yourself from sunrays.

The people who are habitual to live under the cool climate they prefer Umrah proceeding in the winter season. As in this spell, there is a friendly climate in the Arab Peninsula which is proved the best Umrah experience as well.

Nevertheless, you can acquire plenty of information regarding Umrah performing from the authentic Hadiths. So, we should be owed to the great scholars who made the easy way to solve each bit life complication which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Al-Munafiqun (Hypocrites) in Islam

Al-Munafiqun is an Arabic word which interpretation is “having double-face inwardly and outwardly”. The term Al-Munafiqun is derived from the Holy Quran in which Allah (SWT) specifically cursed to those people who were seemingly being a Muslim but interiorly they were confederates of Pagan.

In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) says about Al-Munafiqun which interpretation is that:

  • And there are some (Al-Munafiqeen) who actually do not believe in God and the Day of Judgement but affirm before the believers.
  • They seek to deceive Allah, indeed they are own deceived by Him.
  • They have internally dishonesty.
  • They will be thrown into the hell because of lying.
  • And when it is said, believe in one God, while they reply how would we believe like fool believers. Indeed, they are own fool which they know not.
  • When they meet with believers, they affirm and their back they are confederated of Satan.
  • Believers must keep an eye on every segment of Al-Munafiqun.
  • They create the danger of heat among the fighters, but Allah (SWT) say, the heat of Hell is more intense than heat of the sun.

In short, Hypocrites were those people who were the bitter foe of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAW). But, Allah (SWT) promises that they will be thrown into the lowest part of hell and that is certainly their last dwell where they will remain there forever.

Thus, all the time we should pray to Allah (SWT) to save even the little trait of Al-Munafiqun. And we should make our soul holy from the previous traits of hypocrites. So, the best place of our salvation is obviously the Kaaba where Allah (SWT) does not reject the pray for salvation. And the best option to reach that holy place is cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will take the pilgrims more close to Allah (SWT).

Plenty of pilgrims are so conscious regarding forgiveness of sins that they make their arrangements in the holy month of Ramadan. Because in this sanctified spell there are abundant chances for forgiveness as all the bad spirits are put into dungeons.

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However, there are some requirements regarding performing the Umrah which must be paid from the pilgrims before going to the execution of Umrah. For example, you must have fulfilled your family’s amenities.

Moreover, you must be physically able to perform Umrah. Yet, if you find some of the complications then the suitable time is December Umrah Package 2019 which will live up your all desires. As in this month, man has almost fulfilled the domestic necessaries which could not check him to proceed the Umrah.

Additionally, this spell offers a friendly climate which is apparently appropriate for the pilgrims. The people who belong to European countries prefer this month because of having a lot of winter leaves and moderate temperature.

Nevertheless, what the package is suitable for you, but your Umrah must be pure for Allah (SWT).

A Muslim who did not see to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but also called Sahabi

Sahabi is an Arabic word which means the person who has been met to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the state of the Islamic faith. There are countless Sahaba (Companions of Muhammad (SAW)) who devoted their lives for Islam. But, one Muslim whose name is Hazrat Uwais al-Qarni (RA) is considered as Sahabi even he did not see to Muhammad (SAW). Indeed, his love for Prophet of God made him most prominent than others Sahaba (RA). He lived in Yamen and led his life as shepherded. The reason behind not seeing to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was obviously his mother’s caring who was very old and there was no other person to care for her.

When he heard about the martyrdom of Prophet’s tooth in the Battle of Uhud, meanwhile he pulled his all teeth (not knowing what the tooth was) for so much affection for Muhammad (SAW). So, that’s why he was considered as most prominent Sahabi by the Prophet of God.

Like Uwais (Ra), many others Sahaba (Ra) devoted their lives for Islam and their shrines are found in Arab Peninsula which recalls their firm resolution regarding spreading Islam. Today, several pilgrims who go for Umrah performing must visit such holy places. If you have a keen desire to see the signs of Sahaba (RA), so the best option is cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will live up your wish.

Plenty of pilgrims go for Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan due to acquiring the Hajj’s equal reward because the Rasool (SAW) said, performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward. So, that’s why they make their itinerary in this sanctified month. If you want to see the shrines of Sahaba after Umrah execution then December Umrah Package 2019 would be the best option as well.

 The pilgrims who also want to see the shrines of Sahaba in Arab’s land along with other Islamic places after the execution of Umrah, they prefer the winter season.

But, if you are able to visit Islamic places and shrines of Sahaba under the tropical sun the Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 will fulfil your both desires.

Nevertheless, first of all, you have to supply the amenities to your family and after that, you are scholarly allowed to perform Umrah. Moreover, at home, you can also get Umrah’s as well as Hajj’s reward by offering additional prayers in which Salat al-Tasbih increases the virtues immense.

Salat Al-Tasbih is also the salvation of sins

There is no other but Allah (SWT) who feeds the insect even in the stone. As devil indulges man into wrong doings, meanwhile Allah (SWT) rescued. The flow of rescuing man is being continued by God through Messengers.

 However, at the end our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) requested to God for the salvation of his people.

Therefore, Allah (SWT) conferred Salah and Umrah for the salvation of man.

 Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,’’ Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins,’’ That’s why the pilgrims concentrate regarding the execution of Umrah because of salvation. If you want to get the God’s bliss in His own house then you must grab the cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will be proved the best Ibadah in the regard of forgiveness.

Besides, the sanctifications of Allah (SWT) are countless but also increase in the holy month of Ramadan in which pilgrims also get more than seventy-time reward. Because any Ibadah in Ramadan multiplies as well.

Thus, if you want to get Hajj’s equal reward, so you ought to proceed Umrah through Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 as the Prophet of God said,’’ Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s reward.

Certainly, to set off for Umrah is not easy for everyone since some individuals could not swallow the expenditures and some are very delicate to tolerate the climate circumstances. However, they should not frustrate as they can get Umrah equal reward at their home by offering the Salat Al-Tasbih (Prayer for the forgiveness of all sins). It can be offered at any time of the day or night but the best time is before Zohar Salah.

About Salat Al-Tasbih the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, you can offer the Salat Al-Tasbih once a day, if you cannot then every Friday, if not possible then once in month and even this is not possible then once a year. If it could not be offered anyway then once in lifetime, as this holy action eliminates previous all sins of man.

Nevertheless, if you have a keen desire to make your presence at the House of God (Kaaba) but finding the best time, so the December Umrah Package 2019 would be the finest Umrah experience.

Additionally, in this month man is almost free from the burden of life. Anyhow, whatever you offer Umrah or Salat Al-Tasbih or both, so your Ibadah must be pure for Allah (SWT) but not for showing to others.

Social Boycott of Meccan with Banu Hashim

As the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) openly declared of Prophethood, the chiefs of Quraysh could not digest such huge blessing on Banu Hashim. Because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) belonged to the Banu Hashim clan. So, that’s why they got infuriated and increased the pressure to the followers of Muhammad (SAW).

On several occasions, they also sent delegations to His caring Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib to check his nephew from preaching of Oneness of God. Nothing achieved in their mission by trying all the ways to stop Muhammad (SAW), eventually they held a meeting of different tribes. The conclusion of the meeting was that there is a dire need for a social boycott of Banu Hashim tribe until they do not withdraw regarding new faith.

So, being a powerful tribe the Quraysh boycotted Banu Hashim and also forced other Meccan people about the social boycott of Banu Hashim. After signing the opponents of Banu Hashim on the document, so the parchment was hung in the Kaaba. This started in 1st Mahram which continued almost next three years. Banu Hashim tribe was compelled to eat the leaves to eliminate the starvation. The condition of children was so pitiable.

At last some kind-hearted people tore parchment into pieces and boycott of Banu Hashim met to end. Today the signs of boycotted are still found in the Valley of Shoib Abi Talib in Mecca. If you want to see such Valley, so you have to go to Mecca through cheap Umrah Package 2019 which will take you very near to realize the miserable condition of a great clan.

Several people go to Mecca in the holy month of Ramadan because of getting the huge reward as the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, performing Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj’s virtues. However, if your aim is to acquire the haj’s equal reward then Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 would be the best Umrah experience.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that Ramadan will be circled in extremely summer season which is very difficult to visit other Islamic places after performing the Umrah.

In this way, the best option is December Umrah package 2019 as in this month the climate is very friendly in the Arab Peninsula and you can stroll other spots which realize the Muslims history regarding spreading Islam.

Moreover, the people who cannot bear the hot temperature, obviously prefer the winter season to perform Umrah under the moderate climate as well. Nevertheless, your first priority must be for Umrah and after that, you can live up your other desires by wandering the Islamic places.