One Father of all Human being (In the light of Quran and Science)


There are several myths in the study of man’s creation such as some scientists claimed that man is the evolution of monkeys and some presented other judgments. But, 1400 years ago Al-Quran has well explained about the creation of man and its evolution.


“O Menfolk! Obey your Lord, Indeed your Lord created all of you from a single man (Adam), He also created Eve from him (Adam) then created numbers of men and women from both of them.


Therefore, according to Al-Quran all the human being were formed by only one object. As for as the matter of Eve creation, in facts, she was also created from the rib of Adam by Divine’s order. Thus, the flow of life cycle began to go ahead.


On the other hand, science also has proved that all the Human being is formed by one person. In this regard, scientists collected the specimen of man’s chromosomes not only from one place but from all the continents of the whole world such as Asia, America, North America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Consequently, they got one inherited chromosome of all kinds of man. Thus, they stamped that all mankind belonged to only one man (Adam).


Therefore, science comes after the Holy Quran and we should find any solution to the problem from the Holy Book of Quran. If, we are not able to find the explanation of some matters then move towards Sahih Hadith which are the most authentic and depict all matters such as additional prayers or Umrah etc.


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Nevertheless, being the descendants of one man (Adam) we should behave each other like a real brother as we are genetic associates.