The Final Advice of Muhammad (SAW)

There are some final words which were being spoken by the holy tongue of Rasool (SAW) after the execution of Dhul-Hijjah in the year 632 A.C (10 A.H) at Uranah Valley of Mecca.

“O people, Lord creates you from one male & female, hence distributes into disparate clans so that you could distinguish distinctly to each other. You are all the progeny of Adam (AS) who was shaped by Allah (SAW) with just sand. Thus, no one has supremacy than other on the base of color, cast or group. But, those who have devotion are very near to Allah (SWT).

There is no God but Allah (SWT). He (SWT) accomplished His promise and assisted His Messenger who set the true conviction on the terrain to downfall all the antagonisms.

All the worldly values have met to end. Thus, the amenities would be sustained in order to drink the water to hajjis.

“O People of Quraysh, your egotism has been ended by the God and your little bit proud would not be forgiven. Your blood, possessions, and women are firmly outlawed but Sharia (the legal way).

“O people of Quraysh, you have a deficiency of core ethics. So, eradicate your sophisticated desires otherwise I shall not plead for your redemption in the front of Divine.

“See, don’t be afield behind me. Not be such occurred that you would be spoiled in offenses and gush the violence. Keep each other’s confidence (Amanah) safe. Muslims are brothers, so be cautious about your servants even select for them which you like by hand. 

Don’t withdraw to progenies from heritance. Somebody who is found in wrong association (Zana) must be penalized with stones. But the final recompense & castigate would be declared hereafter. Someone who will alter the characteristics religiously, so God hatreds him/her.

I demolished the old mythologies and all the acts of revenge are absolved. So, first I take the initiative about the pardon of my own family’s member who was murdered by the hand of Banu Hazel.

A loan is permissible if the individual returns it at the exact spell. If someone is an eyewitness it is a very virtuous agreement. However, the witness is answerable on the behalf of the giver. It is not good practice being a Muslim that he/she stresses to witness at the place without giving time. Do not be painful to others as well as by hand.

Treat with your women sound, for the reason that they are feeble. You have acquired them by the name of Allah (SWT), hereafter you must possess Creditworthiness of God.

“O people only worship Allah (SWT), offer the prayers five times a day. Keep the Sawm of Ramadan, pay the Alms, and make sure your attendance in the Kaaba. If you please your Lord, you will be gifted with heaven.

However, today the plenty of people make sure their presence in Kaaba to fulfill the commandments of God when they feel the Satan’s attacks. Because in the house of God they are sure to get the Divine bliss.

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